AI Software Development Services

We have successfully developed Generative AI and ML solutions nearshore for our customers using large language models and machine learning frameworks since 2016.

Our Artificial Intelligence Development Services

Our work spans model selection and implementation, data labeling, model training and optimization, and production deployment.

They developed several Amazon Alexa Skills and Google Assistants Apps, which distribute our content throughout those platforms, using proprietary technologies. The work was highly complicated and required a lot of planning, engineering, and customization. Their development knowledge is impressive.

AI Software Development Process

We develop custom enterprise-grade AI and Machine Learning solutions. From model selection, to data labeling, to deployment, we can help you design and develop custom AI solutions platforms that are tailored specifically to your needs.


Model Selection and implementation

Our data scientists will work with you to either build a machine learning model from scratch or select a pre-trained model that is suitable for your project. We will handle the implementation of the model using a programming language like Python.

Selected Work Across Industries

How infradev Redefined AI Chatbot Accessibility

Leverage modern LLMs . Enable users to rapidly build an AI-chatbot. Deploy their chatbots to web, mobile, and social with ease. Powerful tool in sales, converting website and social media visitors effectively.. Semantic search capabilities for use cases behind the firewall
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Generating Stock Market Alpha with AI

Proprietary AI Technologies. Integrations with Existing Systems. Dynamic Prediction Modeling. Financial Vertical AI Suite.
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Generative AI Enterprise Search

Leveraging Domain-Based Similarity. FastText and Unsupervised Learning. Training the AI Model. Implementing the AI-Based Enterprise Search. Performance Improvement

Tech Stack We Use to Deliver Top-Notch AI Development Services

We develop custom enterprise-grade AI and Machine Learning solutions. We have expertise across an ecosystem of over 500 models, libraries, and frameworks to build Generative AI solutions. We have deployed a host of machine learning models into production since our founding.

Why infradev for AI Software Development

Our strong foundation in AI development, coupled with our deep commitment to innovation sets us apart. Our AI development process ensures rapid delivery and the ability to take advantage of the growing AI ecosystem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

infradev’s offerings encompass the entire AI development lifecycle, from selecting optimal models and tools for specific tasks, ensuring data quality to employing rigorous training methodologies to enhance model performance.

Our process is deeply technical, involving data annotation, algorithm selection based on the specific use case, rigorous model training with high-quality data, and iterative model refinement for peak performance. We’ve been building, deploying and working with AI-based models since our inception in 2016 to solve all kinds of business problems for our customers.

infradev specializes in embedding AI models into existing systems or creating new, bespoke applications designed around the AI model’s capabilities.

We utilize a vast ecosystem of over 500 models, libraries, and frameworks, including Python, PyTorch, TensorFlow, OpenAI’s ChatGPT and more. In reality there is a gigantic ecosystem of technologies to choose from when developing an AI-based solution. Let us work with you to figure out the best tools for your use case.

Opting for infradev means partnering with a firm that not only has a deep technical foundation in AI but also adopts a forward-thinking approach to project delivery to ensure the deployment of a high-quality AI-based solution.