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Get collaborative time zoned aligned software project management from infradev. We use our 3D approach – which stands for Design, Develop, Deploy – for building high quality software solutions and delivering best in class customer experiences. Our project management and delivery teams can drop in anywhere and relieve you of the stress of designing, building, and managing a software development effort.

Service Overview

Software Project Management and Delivery

We start with Software Discovery. This is the first touchpoint with our customers and is based on active listening. The result of this stage is a clear vision of the project scope and goals, along with the definition of all resources, milestones, benchmarks and deliverables required for its development.

In the Software Development phase, we use everything collected in the discovery phase to build the solution’s foundation and features. We incrementally release code and continue to build, leveraging proven development strategies and technologies to ensure the highest standards.

During Application Deployment, we make sure all user tests and quality controls are carried out for launch. Our goal is to ensure that the objectives set out in Software Discovery and refined during Software Development are met.

Process Overview

Software Project Management and Delivery

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