Nearshore Cloud & DevOps Outsourcing

Get expert DevOps Engineers for AWS, Azure and GCP. We have built and managed performant, resilient, and scalable cloud infrastructure for over a 100 customers. We can automate your software application infrastructure.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Our DevOps Engineers are experts at designing, building, and maintaining cloud infrastructure. They are skilled in a wide range of programming languages and tools as well as with AWS, GCP, and Azure. We have worked with over 100 organizations who have come to realize the power and flexibility of deploying and managing their services in the cloud.

I’d been told that this project would cost tens of thousands of dollars, which was way more than we could spend. What’s amazing is that infradev as a nearshore software development company not only quickly understood what we wanted, but they did it for a small fraction of the cost.

Cloud Migration Services

Embark on a seamless cloud migration journey with our comprehensive suite of services, designed to address the unique challenges businesses face during the transition. From strategy development to infrastructure assessment, security assurance, cost optimization, and change management, we’ve got you covered.

Selected Work Across Industries

How infradev Redefined AI Chatbot Accessibility

Leverage modern LLMs . Enable users to rapidly build an AI-chatbot. Deploy their chatbots to web, mobile, and social with ease. Powerful tool in sales, converting website and social media visitors effectively.. Semantic search capabilities for use cases behind the firewall
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Generating Stock Market Alpha with AI

Proprietary AI Technologies. Integrations with Existing Systems. Dynamic Prediction Modeling. Financial Vertical AI Suite.
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Generative AI Enterprise Search

Leveraging Domain-Based Similarity. FastText and Unsupervised Learning. Training the AI Model. Implementing the AI-Based Enterprise Search. Performance Improvement

Tech Stack for Cloud & DevOps Outsourcing

Our DevOps Engineering Services help companies release software faster and more frequently while ensuring quality, security, scalability and reliability. Our team of expert DevOps engineers have extensive experience with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

We build performant and highly scalable cloud applications using Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform and other technologies.

Why infradev for Cloud & DevOps

Our strong foundation in DevOps, coupled with our deep commitment to innovation sets us apart. Our DevOps capabilities span all the major cloud service providers. Our process ensures rapid delivery and the ability to take advantage of the growing cloud services ecosystem.

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